How to Contact PUBG through Twitter for help?

PUBG Twitter
PUBG Twitter

PUBG is a game full of actions with Bugs and if you have encountered into issues like Reconnecting, Server Busy and you seek some sort of help, the best solution is getting help from PUBG Twitter

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a platform where people interact and share their views. It is not similar to facebook at all. Twitter is somewhat profession and customer service sort of Stuff, A simple tweet to companies can sort your questions quickly.

How to Contact PUBG and seek sorts of help?

Twitter is basically the most common way of Contacting PUBG for any sort of help and the issue is most likely to resolve the same day. You can contact PUBG through this

Twitter Handle –

You can also contact them through their official website and social media handles like Facebook and Instagram.

You can also Check How to fix Reconnect Issue of PUBG from here

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