How to Make Websites? Is it tough making Websites?

For the past 5 years, We have seen a hell lot of companies came to the Internet for showcasing their Business to the world or to the people via Website medium.

How to make a website

How to Make Websites? Is it really that hard?

Making a website is Easy, It doesn’t require to be a full profession developer, designer to do it. I myself made my first website at the age of 17 without the knowledge of anything. Of course, I learned through Various mediums.

First, you need to decide whether you want to create a Blog / ShowCase your local business.

Both are possible and easy. For Blog, You may need more knowledge of Everything like SEO, Design and a bit of Code to make it top on Google. For ShowCasing your business, there are ready-made theme’s available which can be uploaded and edited.

How to Start?

I am sharing the steps on how to start, Briefing every part of the steps in the same category in the upcoming posts.

  1. Selecting Domain – (Various Domain Sites are available like Godaddy and more)
  2. Hosting to choose – (Goddady, Bluehost, Justhost, Hostgator, etc)
  3. Self-Serve Platform – (WordPress, Blogger, Ready-Template)
  4. Edit and Go Live.

I’ll be briefly explaining in my upcoming posts on How to make an entire website on WordPress, Google, and others.

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