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We all love streaming and downloading movies, TV shows, and series to enjoy our time. There is no doubt that we have to spend money to buy fun for ourselves. But have you think of getting all this and enjoy your favorite pick free of cost. To know more about extratorrent alternatives scroll to bottom


ExtraTorrent is one of the best sources from where you can download movies, shows, games, and shows for free. In this article, I will tell you more about ExtraTorrent and its best alternatives. So, stay tuned till the end. 

About ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent doubtlessly is an excellent torrent spot. This is the leading independent torrent site that offers outstanding navigation service to easily search and explore the best content to download. 

This is the second-best torrent available among many torrent sites. Because it has every type of content available for free. Gonna be that e-book, music, application files, movies, TV shows, software or games and much more. It provides satisfying content on its website.

But because it shares non-copyright content, the FBI and Interpol Authority have banned this website in 2017 permanently. But do not worry, I will be sharing with you its best alternatives from which you can access your favorite data. And of course, some proxy URLs to visit.

11 best alternatives to ExtraTorrent in 2020

Here, I will present to you the best 16 alternatives to ExtraTorrent that you can use in 2020. Below are the websites that would definitely help you to download movies, shows, series and much more.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the world’s leading torrent site after ExtraTorrent. It provides access to innumerable downloads of movies, music, and software files, etc. The site is hosting a countless number of torrents of several different categories. 

Piracy Bay is a non-profitable organization. It has stood the test of time and remains online within legal boundaries. Therefore, it cannot be responsible for any illegal content. And copyright infringements that take place through its site. Hence, it is highly suggested if you are looking to download movies and other content for free. 


After ExtraTorrent departure, RARBG has taken second among famous and most used torrent sites. It is a well-organized and clean layout which helps in easily exploring torrents of your choice. 

The site has a considerable number of download links to different categories. From Tv shows, games, movies, to software files. Also, from e-books to news and reviews, everything that might interest you.

Moreover, each torrent has relevant information related to the content to know about before procced on to download. Movies and Tv shows are available in several different formats to choose whichever suits best for you. 

In short, RARBG is also a good alternative if you are searching to download content for free.


LimeTorrents is recently becoming more influencing among torrent fans and for the best P2P website. It offers a vast collection of movies, shows, games, software and more within several different categories to explore. It is one of the portals that offer a neat, simple and user-friendly interface.

In recent times, LImeTorrents has presented to its user a new homepage. Offering a sleek design along with a bit large buttons for popular categories. And a large search bar where you can easily type your favorite movie, show, game or software name. In a few words, LimeTorrents does not disappoint its users. 


Seedpeer is also famous among other torrent websites. It is actually the new version of the old website named Meganova.

It also has a huge collection of high-quality torrents from different categories. Be it movies, games, shows, apps, e-books and much more. Like other famous torrent websites, it also has a well-managed content list. And popular categories buttons which make navigation easier to perform. 


This portal stands out best when comes to downloading movies, shows, games and other content for free. Though awhile back it disappeared all at once. Now it has reappeared with the new domain name, recognized as “isoHunt.to”.

The site has an innate interface and weighted with torrent links of your favorite movies, shows, and e-books. Additionally, music tracks, and other content that delights you.

Worldwide Torrents

It is one of the other best alternatives to ExtraTorrent. For all the people who love torrenting and want to watch movies and shows for free. It is also famous among people as it offers content from all around the world. 

The site provides nearly all types of global content from including movies, shows, games, software, so on and so forth.


After LimeTorrents and being the other best alternative to ExtraTorrent. Zooqle offers a user-friendly interface. It has around 3 million verified torrents. It also has a quite neatly organized homepage and has a simply gird layout. 

Along with movies, Zooqle offers 600+ series, TV shows, music, and other amazing content torrent lists. Zooqle is available in different languages namely English and Russian, though its growing popularity among people we can expect more languages will be added soon. 


TorLock offers 100 percent verified content which allows users to organic search results and download links. Moreover, it offers high-quality download torrents. Also, it has listed almost all the ExtraTorrent movies and shows. 

It has a huge list of categories to choose from including movies, latest Tv shows, and series. Along with, games and much more delighting content. TorLock shares over 4.5 million popular torrents to download from. 


It is the most stylish torrent featuring in a black and orange theme sharing fresh content on its website. It is serving currently with the updated domain name that is 1337x.to. As it is maintained and updated by its developer that offers a modern and user-friendly interface.

Here you will find a huge list of movies, shows, games, television shows, and other latest content. Basically, it is another amazing portal to get desiring content as you want.

Mejor Torrent

On this website, unlike others that I have mentioned above, this website offers contents that are mainly in Spanish. But they also upload subtitle versions of their content.   

If you are looking for a website to watch Spanish movies, shows, and other related content specifically. Then this website will not disappoint with its service.

Popcorn Time 

As opposed to other most famous torrent portals, this is something different. Because it offers a desktop app along with an android app. Moreover, it allows you to stream your favorite watch list and temporarily download option.  

10 best ExtraTorrent proxy sites list in 2020

Here are some proxy sites to unblock the torrent website. 

Extratorrent. si                                    extratorrents-cc. com

Extratorrents. ch                                 extratorrent2. net

Extratorrent. red                           Extratorrent. cool              

extratorrents. unblockall.org extratorrent. fyi

Extra4-to.unblocked. lol  extratorrent. ag                    

Last words

These were the best alternatives for you to go through to watch and enjoy your favorite movies and shows. To know more about the alternative options mentioned above, simply stay tuned with us. 


We do not provide any sort of Video Downloads and neither encourage you to use the above website as it may harm your computer and is violating Indian laws already. 

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