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Movies, shows or series are undoubtedly a perfect source of reducing boredom. It will entertain us, different genres will educate, inspire, and create awareness of different aspects of life. It is also used as a mirror culture. Any entertainment source be it movies or shows or tv serials or series or songs as well have a greater impact on an individual’s life and mind. That impact can be positive or negative or both at the same time. However, there are lots of content that are not safe for teenagers to access as it may corrupt their emotions and feelings. As everything in the world has both positive and negative outcomes. Therefore it is our responsibility to choose the content for the right audience. And also to protect young minds from content that would mislead their emotions and feelings. 
Download 1337x Movies and 13377x movies torrent search engine

1337x & 13377x

How we can download movies, games, application files, etc for free?

Now moving on to how we can access these entertainment sources. When comes to watching newly released movies we seek to option that is cinema, obviously. However, not everyone likes to go to the cinema. Or, have time to go to the cinema every time the new movie released. Another reason can be affordability. As a result, the people who have money but no time to go to the cinema subscribes to options such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or other paid websites. But most often people use several different sites to download movies and shows for free. Torrenting is one of the most popular ways to get movies, games, shows, and software without spending a single cent. In this article, I will be telling you about the most used torrent site for downloading data for free. 

What is 1337x and 13377x?

Here, 1337x and 13377x is the torrent site, I will talk about further and give you every useful information about it. 

1337x and 13377x is one of the torrent sites that provide free access to download your favorite movies, games, and Tv shows. And all sorts of application files, and software files. It offers downloads for free, no subscription required. Other than those websites that ask for a subscription to access their content. 

Though, it is because they have copyrights to all the content they provide. Meanwhile, 13377x provides all types and sorts of content illegally. Hence, it is a pirated website that provides content illegally. And it is banned in many countries, also in India. As piracy is becoming outdated day by day and because no one wants to pay or get a subscription for the content which is available for free. People use VPN to access the website to securely download movies, Tv shows, software files, and music. 

13377x provides torrent files and magnet files used to exchange files through the BitTorrent protocol. It is very simple to download movies, Tv shows, games, application and software files from 13377x site. On its site, you can see a notice in which they have updated their new search engine for 13377x that is 1337xto. And it is not a proxy or mirror of the previous 1337x.to. It has developed for more secure downloading. 

What types of movies & Tv Series one can download from 13377x?

Well, 13377x provides all sorts of movies and Tv series to download. 

  • All types of genres comprising of drama, horror, action, thriller, romantic, science fiction, animated and much more. 
  • 13377x has at least movies and shows in all languages. Be it Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, English and many other languages movies are available. 
  • You can say that 13377x is a hub of all types of movies from around the world. 

Popular games that you might interest you

13377x is also famous for downloading popular games from around the world for free. It provides all types of popular and most played games on its website. Here below is the list of some popular games that 13377x offers to its users: 

  • Project cars 
  • Fifa 13
  • Blood Borne
  • Dead To Rights
  • Kingdom Heart II
  • Assassin’s Creed Rogue/Odyssey
  • Gangs Beats

Some in-demand software that are available on 13377x?

On its website, you can also download software that is useful to you bu are not available for free. I have listed some popular software that is downloaded frequently. Though you can search other software on its website. 

  • Microsoft Office
  • Border Office
  • Recovery
  • Converter
  • WinZip Driver
  • System Tools Data

How you can download Torrent File?

Do not worry if you do not know how to download, further are steps to successfully download the torrent file of 13377x. 

Firstly, you need to download the BitTorrent file. Simply go to google and download BitTorrent. 

Secondly, now that you have downloaded the file, next open the file and install BitTorrent on your PC.  

The next step is you have look for the seeders of the file you would like to download. Note, the more seeders you found the more quickly it will download. 

If in case you lost the connection then no need to worry as when the internet reconnects it will automatically resume the download. 

What are the working URLs of 1337x?

As we know that 1337x is a pirated website. It provided contents that are not copyrighted by the original owners of the contents. As a result, they are banned in most countries. Therefore, to keep it working and available for its users it continues to change its domain name. Though they do not change the whole domain instead of keep 1337x as it is and change ‘.to’ to ‘.tv’ and so on.

Here, I have mentioned some working domains that might help you: 1337x. to, 1337xto. to, x1337x. eu, 1337x. am, 1337x. unblock2. xyz, 1337x. tv, 13377x. site, 1337x. tw, 1337x. com.

Steps to download movies, games and application files, etc from 1337x?

It is very simple to download any content (movies, games, application/software or music) from 1337x. Further are the steps that would help you to download content from 1337xto.xyz. 

  • In this first step, you just have to open your browser and go to the website 1337xto.xyz. 
  • Once the website is open,  you will see a long search bar. Simply just type the name of your desired movie, game, application, etc. Also, you can find options like movies, music, anime, application, etc which would take you to the particular section. 
  • After searching for a particular movie, game or application. There would appear a long list of suggestions related to your search. 
  • Preceding to any one of the links from the opened list, it would directly take you to the next page where you can see a magnet download option. Now, just click on the magnet download option. 
  • Thereafter, one dialog box would appear on the screen, which would give two options whether to “open BitTorrent” and “cancel”. All you have to do is just click on the “open BitTorrent” option.
  • By clicking on it, it will take you to the BitTorrent application that we have already downloaded. When the application will open, then just click on “ok” and voila the downloading will start. 

How to download if the site is pirated in your country?

Any of the pirated sites can be approached through a VPN. While using a VPN you can search anonymously when you are connected to your favorite entertainment site. It hides your location, IP address, and identity from the internet. In the case of 1337x which also a pirated website, you can use a VPN to securely search and download the data. 

What are some best 2020 VPNs to use?

Here, I have tabulated some best VPNs to use in 2020 for secure access and download. VPNs are mentioned below:

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Summing Up

Coming to the end we can say that if looking for an option to download movies, shows, games, application files and software files for free. 1337x and 13377x can be the course of action to get all for free. But it is necessary to know that it is a website that provides not only useful content but contents that may be sensitive. These websites do not choose their audience, they just provide content to us for free. It is our responsibility to choose what is right for us and what is not. 

Therefore, it is better to use sites that have an age restriction option. And be safe from content that may corrupt your feelings and emotions. 


We do not provide any sort of Video Downloads and neither encourage you to use the above website as it may harm your computer and is violating Indian laws already.

Please Say No to Piracy!

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